then and now logosI have always wanted to attend the Olympic Games. Now that I live in Tokyo, that opportunity can happen – in 2021. Interested in reading about the 1964 Summer Games, also held in Tokyo, I looked for books on the topic – and discovered that there was nothing written on these Games in English. My intent is to change that.

I am a writer and consultant from New York with over two decades of experience in Asia, fascinated by the socio-economic and political change that has transformed this region, and through its growth, significantly impacted the global economy .

When Tokyo2020 rolls around, what will Asia be like and what will Japan’s role in Asia be? And who will triumph? Who will fall short? Who will thrill us? And what will inspire us to go faster, stronger, higher in our own lives…

Roy Tomizawa


  • My appearance on NBC – Dreams on Hold, June 16, 2021


  • My appearance on a Japan House London webinar entitled “Witness to the 1964 Olympic Torch Relay: How the Olympic Flame Brought Excitement and Hope to Asia,” which took place on November 2, 2021.

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