South Korean Father Reunited with North Korean Daughter For Few Fleeting Minutes

Sin-Kim-DanKeum Dan Shin, the North Korean star of the women’s 400 and 800 meter events had only precious minutes before the North Korean team got on a train to Niigata, to a boat to North Korea. Her father, Mun Jun Shin, who was separated from her daughter during the Korean War, was hoping to take advantage of the Olympics to see her daughter compete over the two weeks of competitions. Unfortunately, after 14 years of separation, they were only allowed to share several minutes together. “My daughter gave me ginseng as a gift, but the best gift for me was the warm, warm tears she shed when she recognized me,” according to a report in the October 15 1964 Japan Times.

Keum Dan Shin, the unofficial world record holder in the women’s 800 meters, and her father were caught in the middle of a geo-political conflict. On October 4, 1964, the North Korean team arrived in Tokyo to participate in the XVIII Olympiad. On October 8, they made an about face and returned to North Korea, only two days prior to the start of the Summer Games. The International Olympic Committee had already disqualified North Korean athletes who participated in the ANEF Games, an Indonesian-organized sporting competition that purposely refused entry to the state of Israel, which the IOC frowned upon. As the IOC would not rescind its decision on appeal, North Korea pulled out.

 From the book,  "The Games of the XVIII Olympiad Tokyo 1964"

From the book, “The Games of the XVIII Olympiad Tokyo 1964”