In Recognition of the Olympian Alter Ego

From the blog “Problems With Infinity”

I’ve recently discovered this wonderful blog, “Problems with Infinity”, a blend of witty, self-deprecating prose and caustically cute illustrations.

The post, “Future Me Is an Idiot, and I’m an Asshole” is a wonderful representation of most people’s desired and current states – I aspire to greatness but am mired here in the mud. The author writes about her “future me”, her positive, problem-solving and goal-oriented self. In my view, that is the Olympian personality, and whom she refers to as her nemesis.

I believe Olympians set lofty desired states, and on the whole, achieve them. I also believe most of us are like the writer, Olympian wannabees, who aspire to greatness but sometimes feel our efforts are disastrous wastes of time. I suppose reality is somewhere in between.

For what it’s worth, for all her laments, we need our inner Olympian. It does, after all, drive her to produce this brilliant blog, deserving of a gold medal.

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