Usain Bolt ‘not worried’ heading into showdown with Justin Gatlin

The showdown!


Going by times the last two years,Justin Gatlinought tobe a heavy favorite overUsain Boltin the World Championships 100m final in Beijing.

“He’s been doing his thing,” Bolt said of Gatlin to NBC on Thursday. “I can’t complain because if you train to be the best, then it is what it is. … It’s my duty to prove that I can be better.”

But even the confident Gatlincautions those who are sure that Boltis set to suffer his first global championship 100m defeat Sunday (not counting the 2011 Worlds false start).

This year, Gatlin has repeatedlynoted the case of 2012, when Bolt was beaten in the Jamaican Olympic trials and entered the London Olympics vincible.

Bolt revved up in the 2012 Olympic semifinals, clocking a casual 9.87 while swerving his head to look at other lanes halfway through the race. Later that night, Bolt ran the second…

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