In the Presence of Awesome, We Watch in Awe (Even Olympians)

Mekhi Gerrard giving up an enormous home run in the Little League World Series.
Mekhi Gerrard giving up an enormous home run in the Little League World Series.
Red Land Little League from Lewisberry, Pennsylvania beat Webb City, Missouri 18-0 in an opening game of the Little League World Series that took place in August.

Cole Wagner smashed a grand slam in an 8-run third inning to get his team up by 18 runs, which if you know baseball, is a lot! What’s even better – the reaction of the pitcher who surrendered the massive hit by Wagner. Watch the video below from the 45 second mark and see the absolute amazement of the pitcher, Mekhi Gerrard, who forgot he was a competitor, enjoying the moment.

Even at the Olympic level, athletes can find themselves in awe.

Bob Hayes was the man in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Everybody seems to have a story about him, and how awesome he was.

The 1992 US Men’s basketball team, aka The Dream Team, had ten of the 50 greatest players in NBA history at the Barcelona Games. According to, “So overwhelmed and star-struck were America’s basketball opponents they even requested photograph and autograph-signing sessions before playing them.”

And by the time the London Olympics rolled around, and Michael Phelps was adding 4 more gold medals to a total of 18 over three Olympics, most of the other swimmers must have felt like bystanders, particularly in the butterfly events.

So despite the fact that your competitive nature is driving you to win, sometimes, in the presence of outerworldy talent, it’s OK to sit back, watch and enjoy.