“I’ve Got a Secret”: Four Gold Medal-Winning Lieutenants

Billy Mills on Ive Got a Secret
Lt Billy Mills of the US Marines and his winning smile on I’ve Got a Secret.

Five months after the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, four lieutenants from four different branches of the US Military came together as anonymous guests on the game show, “I’ve Got a Secret”. The popular program that broadcasted on American network CBS from 1952 to 1967 in black and white was the less formal, loosey-goosey version of another very popular game show, “What’s My Line?” (See this link for my post on 5-gold-medalist Don Schollander appearing on that program.)

I've Got a Secret

Steve Allen was hosting that show on March 8, 1965, and guest celebrities asked questions to guess what the secret was, ie: who the heck these four military men did. And the guest celebrities – Jayne Meadows, Gary Morton, Betsy Palmer and Henry Morgan – did not have a clue, although they did tend to get, I believe, a bit racy in their questioning.

The four military men were:

  1. First Lt Lones Wigger of the Army who had set a world record in the small-bore rifle, 22-caliber, three position event at the Asaka Shooting Range in Tokorozawa, Saitama
  2. Lt William Stowe of the Navy and
  3. First Lt Joe Amlong of the Air Force who were two members of the US 8-oar rowing crew which beat heavy favorite Germany on the Toda Rowing Course in Saitama
  4. Lt Billy Mills of the Marines, the first American to win the 10000 meters in the Olympics

Here are the four American Military gold medalists in this 7-minute segment from “I’ve Got a Secret”.