Usain Bolt Making Insane Bread

Bolt in ANA commercial
Usain Bolt in first ANA commercial

World’s Fastest Man and two-time Olympic champion in the hundred meters, Usain Bolt earned $15,000 in track competitions in 2015, according to Forbes. But in terms of endorsements, the sprinter from Jamaica pulled in a cool $21 million.

Puma alone invests $9 million a year lacing Bolt up. Rio, more gold and deeper reservoirs of endorsements are potentially around the corner for Bolt in August.

Adding to those riches is ANA, otherwise known as All Nippon Airways, which just signed the six-time Olympic gold medalist to an endorsement deal. And the first use of the Bolt brand comes in this television commercial of Bolt dancing to the well-known pop song, “Tokio”, written by a band called “Tokio“.

At the end of the commercial, Bolt says “Bolt-un deru?” (ボルトんでる?) It’s a Japanese play on the phrase “bu-tton deru” (ぶっ飛んでる), which means “crazy”, but in this case probably means “going crazy” in a fun, exciting way. An ordinary way of saying it, more appropriately for ANA perhaps, is “taking off”.

So what do you think of Usain Bolt’s moves?