LA2024 Bid In the Home Stretch

LA2024 city hall
City Hall can host the marathon

LA2024’s campaign is heating up as the committee driving LA’s candidate city bid to host the 2024 Olympics has released virtual renderings of what the sports venues will look like.

LA2024 Stubhub Center rendering for equestrian
LA2024 Stubhub Center rendering for equestrian events

Much of the strength of the LA and Paris bids are the use of existing sports facilities. Los Angeles has a rich sports culture, both at the university and professional levels, that there is little need for extensive budget for the building of new facilities.

LA 2024 Aquatics
Aquatic events on USC campus

For example, UCLA will host not only the Olympic and Paralympic Village, but all judo and wrestling. USC will be the home to swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and badminton. And of course existing structures like the LA Convention Center (fencing, boxing, taekwondo, table tennis), the Staples Center (basketball), as well as the LA Coliseum (athletics) can be fully employed for the Olympics.

La2024 convention center
The LA Convention Center can host fencing, boxing table tennis and taekwando

The International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission will be in Los Angeles from May 10-12 to hear the bidding committee’s final presentation. Then they will be off for Paris from May 14-16 to hear the final presentation on the Paris 2024 bid. The IOC will then vote on which city will host the 2024 Olympics on September 13, in Lima, Peru.

Watch this video for the full view of the LA2024 sports centers and facilities.