Spectators at the Tokyo Olympics: What a Difference 57 Years Make

Japanese lady at Opening Day Ceremonies. UPI

We missed the energy of fans at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But 57 years ago, crowds filled the stadia, arenas and roads of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

I recently purchased hard copy black and white photographs of those Games.

Here are a few that show Japanese in the act of watching, as well as athletes enjoying the shopping and dining our scant visitors in 2021 could not.

Kids were in the stands at many events. Here are boy scouts at the National Stadium. UPI
Construction was a constant during the Roaring Sixties. Here are a few taking in the festivities. UPI
Members of the Soviet Team out on the town enjoying sushi._UPI
Shopping by foreign visitors and athletes alike was an ongoing competition during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. UPI